How to Plan and Optimize better Blogs and Postings

If you are a paper-person, like I am, and you need a planner/calendar, specifically related blogging, I’ve found one, that’s I’m using, that’s free, that I want to share with you. I hope you find it as helpful as I have for planning out posts, guest posts, writing topics, memes, and ideas.

I’ve just finished going through Kelby Carr’s Mom Blog SEO book. I say finished.  I’m waiting, briefly, to do Day 27.  I’m not ready for it, yet.  I found the entire ebook fascinating and full of helpful new things to do to set-up my blogs to be more efficient.  Click here to visit Mom Blog SEO. (affiliate link)

Another Blog Optimizing Experience I’ve been working on is Margie Clayman’s 40 Blogging Action Items. The first week took me 12 days.  Don’t feel that the time-frame is as important as the tool, itself.

I am a better writer for having added these things to my life. I am a better blogger, too.  I’m more organized, better focused, and better SEO established.

I, highly, suggest you check out all three of these today. :)

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