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I’m back from Florida Drupal Camp

I’ve been out of town for weeks. I stayed in Florida so I could attend Florida Drupal Camp in Winter Park. My back, eventually, won the best of me, and i went “home” early.

The camp was a bit confusing. I chose the Beginners track. They chose to bounce between Drupal 6 and 7. I’m running 6. The concerns of some of the things that must be in 7, don’t work in 6, so I was almost convinced to upgrade to 7.. but then there seems to be so much more, out there, for modules, and such, in 6, so decided to stay right where I am.

The camp was well planned out, with wonderful volunteers and I met some fascinating people. I may spend the rest of my life in the Beginner’s track, at Drupal Camps, though.

I envy those who are headed to Chicago for Drupal Con. I’d love to be going there, but 3 weeks notice isn’t enough time, for me, and I’m rather tired of traveling, too. Once I sort through my notes, I’ll share what I learned (or what I think I learned.)

Creating a Resume Portfolio

A resume portfolio is the extension of your resume that profiles you in more detail.  You should add:

  • Your best work
  • Specific work that relates to your particular field
  • Specific work you created, if its a group project
  • Relevant Classes or Seminars you’ve attended
  • Relevant Conferences or Camps you’ve attended
  • Your in-progress projects as well as completed projects

Your prospective employer may not be interested in viewing your portfolio, but keeping a portfolio will help you create lists of goals and projects you have accomplished and still, yet, need to work on.

Start it as a personal reminder to yourself that may someday show your potential to the right  person that will land you the assignments you are looking for.. your dream job.