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Creating a Resume Portfolio

A resume portfolio is the extension of your resume that profiles you in more detail.  You should add:

  • Your best work
  • Specific work that relates to your particular field
  • Specific work you created, if its a group project
  • Relevant Classes or Seminars you’ve attended
  • Relevant Conferences or Camps you’ve attended
  • Your in-progress projects as well as completed projects

Your prospective employer may not be interested in viewing your portfolio, but keeping a portfolio will help you create lists of goals and projects you have accomplished and still, yet, need to work on.

Start it as a personal reminder to yourself that may someday show your potential to the right  person that will land you the assignments you are looking for.. your dream job.

Tips for your Resume References

Your resume references should be able to give information about you to your prospective employer.  Its best to use people that have known you for at least one year.  You do not want to use friends, family, or clergy

You should contact, individually, each person you’d like to use as a reference, and request their permission to use them. This helps them to be prepared to receive the call from your prospective employer.

Quality references could include:

  • Former Employers
  • Former Schoolteachers
  • Neighbors
  • Other people who know you to be responsible and trustworthy

You should include your references full name, address, and telephone number. Some employers would like to know the occupation of your reference and how long you’ve had acquaintance.

Some employers ask questions of your references, and some would like your references to fill out a short survey about you.

After you are hired, it is courtesy to send a thank-you note to each of your references, thanking them for helping you get your job.  Its important to give attention to the time they spent at your request. (Giving Chocolate is good, too. hee)