Using the Windows 7 Snippet Tool

Erica Says has a very good tutorial on how to use the built-in capture tool, called snippet, in windows 7.

I used it to show you another really cool thing she has a tutorial about that I’m working on trying to work out.. called 2 Facebook like buttons in one tool.

I can’t get Press This to work on any of my blogs and I’m not sure why.. so this is raw.

Facebook Footer ToolI will figure this out. It looks great on all the sites she designs.  Maybe I need to pay her to add it to mine. :)

You should check them out. They are more than worth your time.

Swipe Files Feed Your Creative Side

One of the major benefits, to micro-blogging, is the ability to learn. On some mornings, however, I can get so involved, that I can easily be toggling between 30 different tabs. I never really know what direction I’ll be spinning in.. or what topic may come my way.

It is my morning class, to log onto FriendFeed. Thanks, Feeder’s. I crave what you share.

I had no idea that I have Swipe Files. I mean I didn’t know what I had, had a name.

I call them journals.. notebooks.. inspiration files.. private rooms.. blogs.. or just brain dumping grounds.. More formally, digitally, I call them CarolinaDreamz, Flickr, FriendFeed Private Rooms, Collected, Multiply, Wists, and Delicious… and tags rank right up there with bacon, in life importance.

The Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online is a classic example of the type of blogs that inspire me. If you want to see the Journals of my Dreamz, spend some time at Be Alive, Believe, Be You.

When I want to feel more Shabbily Pretty, I go hang out at My Romantic Home or Make Mine Pink. My Vintage Dreamz walk me through Flea Market Studio or Notes from a Cottage Industry.

When I need to slow down and remember how simple my life can be, I turn to Down to Earth. On Flickr, I search Altered Art, Journals, Shabby, Aprons, Vintage, Pink, or Ephemera. All of the wonderful treasures, that I find, go into my Swipe Files.

My own non-digital Swipe Files started with inspiration from Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Illustrated Discovery Journal, from Simple Abundance. I have this gorgeous vintage suitcase, where I collect inspiration… In it you will find magazine cut-outs, poems, song lyrics, movie quotes, pictures, greeting cards, post cards, vintage ephemera, charms, buttons, lace, handkerchiefs, book marks, and so much more.. in a big jumbled mess of love.

My mess, disguised in a gorgeous suitcase, from yesteryear. My digital files started as “shabby inspiration” crafting and sewing ideas. If I see a photo, of something, even unrelated to anything I’d want to make.. it may have a button I adore.. or a bell placed in a fun place.. These are simple little tokens that set my creative sails soaring. Its a joy to mix my business life with my personal life, in many of the above topics. We all need to find those things, in our lives, that inspire us or just bring us peace. What inspires you? Where can I go, online, to learn more about you?

How to Plan and Optimize better Blogs and Postings

If you are a paper-person, like I am, and you need a planner/calendar, specifically related blogging, I’ve found one, that’s I’m using, that’s free, that I want to share with you. I hope you find it as helpful as I have for planning out posts, guest posts, writing topics, memes, and ideas.

I’ve just finished going through Kelby Carr’s Mom Blog SEO book. I say finished.  I’m waiting, briefly, to do Day 27.  I’m not ready for it, yet.  I found the entire ebook fascinating and full of helpful new things to do to set-up my blogs to be more efficient.  Click here to visit Mom Blog SEO. (affiliate link)

Another Blog Optimizing Experience I’ve been working on is Margie Clayman’s 40 Blogging Action Items. The first week took me 12 days.  Don’t feel that the time-frame is as important as the tool, itself.

I am a better writer for having added these things to my life. I am a better blogger, too.  I’m more organized, better focused, and better SEO established.

I, highly, suggest you check out all three of these today. :)

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