Big Brother Keeps ALL Your Secrets

“The other half is pressed down, in a bag, and suffocated.” ~Ingrid Bergman

What you do online IS who you are.. Do you want everyone to know who you are? There is only one way to not let your secret’s out of the bag.. you have to not put them in the bag, in the first place. Your bag can be a profile, screen name, email address, domain, blog, post, signature, photograph, tweet, comment, email.. It also can be what you search on Google or what you purchase.. Association is everything, in a world that would rather label you, than think the best about you. Do you read all that boring fine-print, when you click “accept” to sign up for an online service? You might be surprised what’s out there, that you are unaware of.. especially in social media.

Remember when GeoCities changed their TOS and all of the sudden our photos and poetry belonged to them? It made everyone reconsider what they posted or even IF they wanted to have a free personal webpage. FREE is a key word. FREE is not really your friend.

I realize that Facebook is not specific to the information suction of the world.. I’ve had a Love/Hate relationship, that I’ve mentioned, before, with dear FB. Some great things have happened, to me, because of Facebook. I’m thankful for my reconnections. I do continue to hate FB messaging. I have email. I guess I only want to be a slave to Google! *giggle* Just like you should always use your 5th Amendment Rights, you should know that EVERYTHING you do online, can be found out.. Big Brother does keep your secrets. They, literally, do keep EVERYTHING. Be Smart. Protect your Online Image like you Protect your Identity. Your livelihood may depend on your reputation, on and off the court. Care about your Online Reflection. If you’d rather your mother not find out about something.. or your employer.. the only thing you can do is Shut Up! My thoughts, in this post, stem from this Friendfeed thread. I really didn’t know about the ownership of my data. I will continue to use Facebook, but much differently now. I removed my Flickr feed. I’m going to continue to feed this blog in, as a Note, because it has been specifically requested. If you want to edit/adjust your lifestream, on Facebook, Mark has some great instructions.

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